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David Gloveli from Georgia message

David Gloveli from Georgia message
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Hello Ms. Hana Yurimoto !
I am very happy that you have come up with such a great campaign and that I take part in it. This is Great.
My wife and I have long dreamed have children and of buying a Car From Japan. We do not have children because of health problems. We have married for 8 years. The work I have been unstable and now to yet I’m unemployed. We spend a lot of money for treatment, but has not yet obtained. Therefore, we can not collect the money for the purchase of Japanese used car. Our dream is to have a child and purchase a Car From Japan. But no one dreams not Come True. But we do not lose hope. I hope I find a job that will provide us with a view to further continue the treatment to have children and I hope to save up money on the Japanese used car.
Why Japanese used car? Japanese are Great nation. I love the Japanese people.The Japanese are incredibly hard-working, very honest, equity, purposeful, innovation, resourceful, carefully apply to all. Buying Car From Japan, you can be calm that when there are problems all show and tell. Nowhere in the world there is no such description how a Car From Japan. Do not be deceived about the extent of damage cars of Japanese used car. Odometer in the Car From Japan nobody will throw to reduce mileage. All photos from Car From Japan for scratches, rust, bending and other problems are provided. No one else except Car From Japan do not show the bottom of the photo Condition cars with chassis. I admire Japanese. You are very much to teach all around the world. Car From Japan assembled in Japan are very reliable, have a little run, have a lot of resources, well-groomed, have all documentation. From Japanese used car all the technical parameters of the relevant documents. Even German cars made in Japan are very different from the German. Even more reliable and economical. You can buy the Car From Japan with your eyes closed does not necessarily send their Dealer to check. I advise everyone to buy Car From Japan, because they are the best in the world.
It does not make any difference who wins. I wish you all success. Someone will win. let him win a worthy and needy. And I wish you prosperity and success.

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