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Daryl Naidoo from South Africa message

Daryl Naidoo from South Africa message
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I am a huge fan of Japanese cars as well as Japanese culture in general, including Japanese women :). I think they are beautiful..

I often browse your website and see what car deals are available. Another reason you should pick me is that I am based in Durban. Currently plenty of Japanese cars are already shipped into our harbor.

The car for Japan website is well designed and easy to navigate. Very user friendly and detailed. I like the fact that most of the cars have a few pictures included in the listing. The search features allow visitors to find a specific type of car if they need to without having to go through all the listings on the site.

So for my experience from using the Car from Japan site has been pleasant and this competition makes car from Japan even better. I really hope I am selected as one of the winners. I already know which car I want 🙂

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