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Daniel Ongeri from Kenya message

Daniel Ongeri from Kenya message
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Hello car from Japan, am Daniel and glad to be part of this useful campaign. I believe any company worth a profit conducts such a splr but useful exercise so as to reach a wider cliche of its target market and thus open its door to a bigger range of customers hence expand it clientell database.
I am purposely participating in order to be the luckiest winner of one of the cars since the nature of my work requires so. Sales and marketing is what I do on a daily routine, so winning a car means a lot to me since I will be able to go far and wider area to increase or boost my sales. This will help me a great deal. Another reason is that since my childhood I have been in live with Japanese cars coz if they ain’t the best in the world they are among the best because 90% of the cars on the roads in my country is made up Japanese machines, want to be counted in the bigger family.
This will definite make me proud of you guys,will still appreciate I become a winner of any of of your prizes of course.
Really thanking you for making me part of the legible participants .please keep me in touch of any development. Thank you once again.
Yours,Daniel Ongeri.

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