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Daniel Godfrey Makala from Tanzania message

Daniel Godfrey Makala from Tanzania message
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Dear Sir/Madam,
In 2012 the statistics showed that Toyota Japan was the leading Car Manufacturing Company in production by 13.45 percent. This makes it one among other countries which form the top ten Car manufacturing Companies in the World. In the year 2012 Japanese Toyota had a total of 8,381,968 cars being rolled out of the production line(According to the International Organization of Motor Vihecle Manufactures). Being born and raised in the family that owns more than five Japanese cars of different models such as Spacio, Wish, Recreational Active Four Wheel Drive Vihecle(RAV4) and Suzuki Grande Vitara made me fall in love with Japanese Cars. I remember about 25 years ago my father bought a Toyota hilux 2.8 double cabin pick up which was very helpful to our family since, it could accomodate the whole family of two parents and three kids including me plus a couple of luggages at the rear part. Apart from that Japanese Cars have proved themselves to suit or cope with African environment especially Tanzania which is characterized by low level of infrustructure compared to the first World countries. Having the problem of poor infrusture specifically poor roads gives me no option than having Japanese type of car as they are durable and reasonable in price. Another thing is Japanese products have acquired a very good reputation in Tanzania and Africa in general. On the other hand most people like Japanese cars due to the fact that there is alot of spares, this situation has given no one option than loving Japanese type of cars. As a Tanzanian man, a lawyer by proffession would like to own one of the Japanese Car which will help me move easily from one point to another in my daily activities and also enjoy with my family. Being a real fan of Japanese Cars I would be pleased if you will pick me as the winner of the Car Giveaway year twenty fifteen. Winning a car from Japan will be my dream come true as i have been following you guys and I have humbly dedicated my time and resources as it takes internet connection to share and invite different people including family and friends. On the other hand by participating in Car Giveaway twenty fifteen makes me feel directly connected to it So being a part of Car Giveaway, it makes me think that I deserve the very best just like Cars from Japan which have proved to be the best and leading cars in the whole World. Conclusively, I would like to thank you in advance for picking me as the winner of the Car Giveaway twenty fifteen!

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