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daniel from Kenya message

daniel from Kenya message
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Thanks Car From Japan!
We appreciate this good work you are doing! You are the leading in giving the world the best cars it needs!
I’m longing to be a winner so that i can join the class of the owners of the best Car From Japan, everyone will respect me if they see me with a car from Japan!
I’m from Kenya, and here we treasure Car From Japan! I take this opportunity to salute you and may you lead even in the coming future all through so that our grandchildren can enjoy what we are enjoying from you.

Your work is amazing! I am not ashamed to say that you manufacturer the strongest machines, the engines of your cars are incredible! Here in Kenya, we love your cars because they are durable and strong enough to bear the rough roads and the mountains! I have never owned a car but this time i believe i will own one from Car From Japan because you are so generous, i work as a driver and in our company we use Car From Japan! I enjoy this work because your cars don’t have any problems as long as we maintain them well.

Another amazing thing is that i have done my own research and found that even in this continent of Africa, Car From Japan has taken the lead! Every country has the highest number of cars all from Car From Japan!All spares are easily available because all shops import the spares from Car From Japan! I will never stop thanking you for this great job you are doing to us, in fact is a privilege to own a Car From Japan!

Every one who has read my links which i shear, they all ask me how they can import cars from Car From Japan! I have them how to contact you and i believe this is going to raise your sells. If i had money i would always buy your cars, but i believe i will be the winner because i have faithfully done all the possible i can do to promote Car From Japan in our country Kenya

Your services are excellent, if one imports a car from you, they get it at the right time, with the right documents! I have never heard any complain from any one concerning Car From Japan! May you keep up with good job

We also enjoy variety from Car From Japan, all types of cars are available just because you have provided them to us with a wide range to choose! We can enjoy any type of car we want because you have put all the effort to make sure we have all the varieties. Thank you. I believe you will always lead and no one to beat forever! Keep it up.

I will keep calm waiting to win and even after winning i will continue with the campaign of making sure everyone in our country gets to know you and i make sure they purchase your cars, when I win this car, i will use it to market Car From Japan! I will drive it every where to make sure you are known.

Japanese used cars look like they are new because of the durability.
Please pick me as the winner because :-

  1. I will use that car to move around marketing you
    2: people will want to get the same type of car and i will definitely direct them to Car From Japan.
  2. I would want to a winner because i have always desired to get a car from your company.
  3. Pick me, and i promise i will make you known in this country even to those remote areas who have not yet known you m
  4. I will start a campaign to sell your products here in Kenya. Thank you.
    Your company Car From Japan has helped us grow economy because we use trucks and big cars which bring efficiency. Your cars don’t depreciate fast, they are durable enough to serve one to satisfaction. You make cars which have big engines, so the cars have high speed! This makes movement easier.
    I am humbled to take part in this campaign because i feel already to be part of this great movement of changing the world and make the world use cars from Japan. I feel so good because i believe and trust that i am a winner, even getting the chance to participate is a big privilege.
    The car i will win will be mostly used to do a campaign here in Kenya to make sure that people purchase vehicles from your company.
    I know of an organization that helps the poor people at the remote areas, i am also taking part in making sure the next purchase of vehicles we get them from car from Japan. I am totally falling in love with your cars, i am longing to win one, people with cars from Japan here in Kenya are highly respected because the cars are of high class. You lead, others follow. A political leader said, the best way to find yourself is to loose yourself to the service of others! That’s exactly what you have done and it makes your company the star. No other company like yours in the whole world. You deserve great respect! I have no enough words to express the kindness you have, together we are in one, whether i win or not, i shall campaign for you.
    Lastly i would like to thank you so much for this campaign and because of your generosity to give out free cars. May you be enlarged and lead through out, you are the best in the world.
    Thanks a lot, i am waiting patiently for this car from Japan because i believe i will win!
    Yours faithfully

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