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Dan Mtonga from Malawi message

Dan Mtonga from Malawi message
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When I saw this competition posted up and got the email from Hana I initially thought, huh, may be or may be not. After a few hours of thinking, I just felt okay, let me try, you never know what happens next. So, knowing the deep love I have for used cars from Japan, and knowing how everyone in my home country loves them, and from the look of things I see used car from Japan entering my home country almost every day, I definitely would love to be the top most winner in this auspicious competition. I have got so many smiles about cars from Japan. I have loved, I love and I will forever love used cars from Japan. Among other qualities they are handy, affordable, great and classy! If I win, which calls for a great celebration, I look forward to carrying such an excellent brand to the rest of the world, north, west, south, east. I am from Malawi, the warm heart of Africa where you will probably find the most number of used cars from Japan. Japan is a household name and I do not drive a minute in the cities of my country without seeing a car from Japan. Who cannot afford to be the brand figure, the flag carrier of Car from Japan or for the competition’s sponsor. I am ready to be the brand. I am bubbly and highly motivated to be part of this and feel like I am in already. This has been my life dream and thanking you in advance for making my life dream come true. Thank you from the bottom of my precious heart(and the amazing hearts of many people you serve across the world ) for setting up such an excellent competition in the middle of such a year. Such classic customer service . You rock! Keep up serving the entire world.

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