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Damas Michael from Tanzania message


Dear car from japan,

I am very happy to join this competition by car from Japan today. I know I am a bit late but I am sure my hard work to spread this message will help me to be the outstanding competitor and ultimately win a Japanese used car from car from Japan.

Japanese car have long history as one of the world’s toghest and longest existing car manufacturers. The reputation of Japanese car maker is significant allover the world.

Now that car from Japan has brought out this competion, I am definitely sure and positive that my dream to drive my own car is but only few yards away.
I have been going through your stock list and behold, you really have nicest cars in comparison to most on line car sellers I have seen.
Most of your cars are in a very good conditions, clean interiors and exteriors fully loaded with accessories and the prices are very reasonable and competitive.
I know I will win a Japanese used car through car from Japan. But even if I don’t win I will still work hard to make sure I buy one from your stock.

By the way let me declare that Iam a Tanzanian. If you have ever conducted a research you will find that more than 95 per cent or so of cars in Tanzania are from Japan and I would say over 90 percent of them are used cars. Recently the market for Japanese used car is booming as many people are buying cars from Japan.

In the same way, I see a great opportunity and potential for your company (car from Japan) to grow rapidly and steadly if you can capitalise on the markert potentials available in Tanzanian. As you may be aware, Tanzania is strategically located closer to the indian ocean and it borders other 8 countries who may all use its harbors for clearing. I woul advice car from Japan to set an office in Tanzania that would serve customers both for tanzania and other countries.

At this point I am putting down my pen, I am a bit unlucky to discover you very late in the competition, but with the determination and efforts I know it will work out for me to win my dream Japanese used car offered by Car from Japan.



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