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DALITSO BOTOMANI from Malawi message

DALITSO BOTOMANI from Malawi message
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Dear Hana,
My work as a Health and Safety Officer involves coming to work even during week end and off-hours which is a big hassle as most public transport is not available. Also as a family man, this will accord me a good opportunity to have a family transport as we trek to work and school, spending a lot of money, hence this opportunity will greatly improve my economic status and uplift my life in general.
Car From Japan offers affordable, best priced Japanese used cars with exceptional service and strives to be the best car exporter with flexible terms for great customer satisfaction and best value – efficient and effective.
As a winner, I’ll be in the forefront of marketing the brand to be the market leader in Japanese used cars.
Yours sincerely,
Dalitso Botomani

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