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Curtis Milton from U.S.A message

Curtis Milton from U.S.A message
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the reason why I think I should when this campaign. Is that I love Japanese from culture to cars to the shows. I’m very keen to the Japanese. But I really do need a car. I had a car for a year till it got wrecked by a friend of mine. It was financed but it wasn’t paid off. So now I owe money to the finance people. So the rental car they gave us got into an accident and I might have to pay for that car also. So now I’m in a debt situation . I tried getting a loan so I can buy a car from y’all and for the shipping , inspection, and CIF. But hopefully I get chosen for this win prize so I can have the car I want and won’t have to go through the bargain of a Loan again. Everything I’m telling is truth to my word. So yes thank you and have a great day.

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