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crizalda raquel from Mozambique message

crizalda raquel from Mozambique message
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First to my mother died of cancer in 2011.
I don’t work, I am a student of 23 years old, I have lived with my father and my brothers, for compelling reasons had to leave home and live with my colleagues in college. Not having a car a is very complicated because sometimes we mark a study group, in libraries who are situated far from college, as we are many ,we must go up in groups into public transport, to arrive in the library, sometimes others cannot rise because the transports arrive at the stop buss, full. Sometimes we have to cancel the studies, and that is not good.

When I have to visit my family is hard, because we live in different province ‘’ states’’, because of the distance is not always I go to visit them. for example the year of passage way from 2014 to 2015, I spent at school because I did not have enough money to raise the transport, and I didn’t thought proper to ask my father because I knew that he had not money, because he’s been unemployed since 2012, and he sells records pirates, this business a very dangerous here on my country, he went to jail twice because of his job, whenever he goes out he sell it again,. He does not sell it by stubbornness, but to sustain itself and my sisters, because he could not get a job already he didn’t studied because he grown orphan ,lived with his uncle he didn’t let him study. With his job, my younger sister and my brother are studying, but he cannot help me not only with studies but also with my personal needs as a woman. The saddest was last year when on the college they didn’t let me make the exams because I didn’t pay the month of October and September, now I’m studying because I won a scholarship. Since my mother died everything changed and I hope the car from Japan help me with one Japanese used car.

What I think about car from Japan.

I think that car from Japan is a Japanese best dealership that came to revolutionize the automobile industry in the world mainly in Africa,. The amount of the used car Japan in the site demonstrates that car from Japan is a Dealers would that came to stop the mockers that frequently still to African people. I advice those who are reading this message to buy and trust, car from Japan as a Dealers would
This giveaway came’s to give smile to several people in the world who are suffering and, I wish I will be one of the winner, there’s no preference of grand price, but if its came a welcome, because I don’t need car to make a show off but I need a car for usefully things.

Best regards

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