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Cole Samuel Oluwaseyi from Nigeria message

Cole Samuel Oluwaseyi from Nigeria message
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My name is Cole Samuel.Oluwaseyi
I have always been thinking about my future, building a career, becoming a successful person and generally finding my own path in the life.
Almost all my family including my uncles, aunts and cousins have their jobs which somehow connected to the field of technology. I have grown among intelligent people and it had great influence on the development of my personality, so since early childhood I have learnt the importance of education.
My school teachers always noted that I had good abilities in such subjects as mathematics and physics. This increased my interest in exact sciences, and I decided to connect my future career with technological area of activities, wishing to gain success in the future. And if I become successful I will pay back my parents for their warmth and loving tender, as they have been those who have been supporting me throughout my life.
For that reason I constructed a plan for achieving this long-term aim. By the plan I have accomplished some small objectives: graduated from high school with good grades in mathematics and physics.
Therefore picking me as the winner of this competition will definitely means sending me to college, because my parent cannot send me to canada to study due to lack of fund, And I really want to go to college. So winning this competiton will bring my dreams to reality.
Also in my country toyota is one big name on everybody lips, I did a little research on my own and I found out that most toyota cars are imported cars from japan and this cars are ok. A case study is the toyota avalon 2009,toyota camry among others. This cars from japan are largely sort after in my country, because japanese cars are known for their durability and quality, and I will love to be an ambassador of this japanese used cars in my country to japan.
Inconclusive, I want to say that picking me as the winner will mean so much to me because you will be investing on me by declaring me winner.
Thank you very much for considering my application. I look forward to your positive response.
Yours sincerely,
cole samuel

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