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Cleophas Mutuva from Kenya message

Cleophas Mutuva from Kenya message
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I am shopping for a family/ business car but finances are a bit stretched. This offers me an opportunity to win a car for the family and my business. With life becoming very fast paced, a motor car has become more of a necessity than luxury.As a family with school going children and both parents working, the need for an affordable vehicle can’t be ignored. I also carry many goods for my general supplies business.

I am interested I in a van particularly a probox van or ad van. This would combine the solution for a family car and a business vehicle. Apart from that I am looking for fuel economy and low maintainance costs. A probox is my 1st choice because it has a good resale value locally.

Carfromjapan has the best car deals for Kenya. Apart from making the search for a dream vehicle easy, the site has useful information about vehicles and an easy payment system. The fact that one can receive the vehicle in their home port means that the headache of following up on goods on high seas is greatly reduced.

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