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CLAUDIOUS MASHIRI from Zimbabwe message

CLAUDIOUS MASHIRI from Zimbabwe message
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Thank you for writing to me Car From Japan. To me being in the running to win a Japanese used car is quite an honour and a great privilege. l also would like to thank Cars from Japan for bringing us such an exciting promotional competition.
Japanese used cars are reliable, strong, powerful and efficient in fuel use. Japanese used cars bought through Car from Japan are cheap and affordable. They last longer in their usage, there by bringing real value for money. Japanese used cars are suitable for our climatic conditions here in Zimbabwe. Here in Zimbabwe 90% of all cars are Japanese used cars, imported by people of various income groups. Any one can buy a used Japanese car.
Importing a used Japanese car is not a problem in Zimbabwe as there are so many ports of entry.
By winning a car from Japan, it will automatically make me a brand Ambassador for Car from japan promoting Japanese used cars. The car should come with a Car from Japan logo.

Thank you Car from Japan for giving me a chance to drive a comfortable used car from Japan.It is my hope that l will be able to win the coverted prize.

Claudious Mashiri

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