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Clarice Ataro from Kenya message

Clarice Ataro from Kenya message
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Greetings from Kenya!!
Believe me when I say Car From Japan is the best platform for Japanese used car that I have seen on the internet. They use real photos of the cars and the prices are very affordable. The searches are accurate and very easy. I always find what I am looking for because there is a wide range of Japanese used cars to choose from. They are trustworthy and they always give feedback to their customers who have any questions. A very good example of a company one should emulate to be highly successful.
I am a 20 year old female college student who has been trying to save up for a car for some time now so that I can get to class on time but it is very difficult. The public transport system is inconvenient and sometimes it is unreliable because of heavy traffic and traffic jams. So I usually have to wake up 3 hours earlier than normal so as to get to class on time. I am hoping that this will be my opportunity to finally get a car so that I can move around easily, comfortably and fast. Japanese cars are the best and very convenient and efficient especially for someone my age since they are quite affordable. Therefore I will be very happy and ready to represent Car From Japan in my country with great enthusiasm because I know it is a trustworthy company. Even if I don’t become the winner I will still import a Japanese used car through Car From Japan when I finally manage to save up enough money for one. But I am very optimistic that I will win, and that my dream of being a car owner will definitely come true at long last!
Thank you very much for this huge opportunity Madam Hana Yurimoto and the whole Car From Japan company as well.

Clarice Ataro.

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