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Christopher Mukembu from Kenya message

Christopher Mukembu from Kenya message
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The cars from Japan are well made. They last long and their spare parts are available locally. Japanese cars also can be maintained cheaply compared with cars from other parts of the globe. I hope I will be a winner to continue spreading the good news about cars that are manufactured in Japan for our Kenyan roads. Cars from Japan are durable and well designed. The shapes are also glamourous and they compliment the beauty with the variety of colors. I have travelled in most Japanese used cars long distance without any problem. It is beyond any reasonable doubt that when cars from Japan come in Kenya, they fetch a lot of cash for our economy. Every morning on our way to work, either the car in front, the one you are in is always a car from Japan. Japanese used cars on the Kenyan roads are the majority due to their durability. They are also easy to maintain since spare parts are many in our market at large.

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