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Chrispine Mallya from Tanzania message

Chrispine Mallya from Tanzania message
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Hi Hana Yurimoto, Am glad to join in this competition. I believe I shall be a one lucky winnersto this competition from my country Tanzania. I believe I have all what it takes to get an extra points to enable me get A gift Car. I will be a loyal ambassador of Car from Japan to put this brand as superb brand accross our country. You should pick me as a winner due to my potential as a Young and energetic who have passion and enjoying making a great challenge to the existing opportunities. As a young I will be ready to use my potential to my society to explore more Market for the products from Car from Japan. However, I have seen your company profile and read it carefully, It’s the best company to deals with in trustfully manner. I will make a slogan to my Society which read that..” Car from Japan is the best in fulfilling your dream car.

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