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chimwemwe Basalankhunda from Malawi message

chimwemwe Basalankhunda from Malawi message
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Hi, My name is Chimwemwe.

I would like to tell you that having a car from Japan is the most admired thing in my life.I have known Japan for nothing else except for the cars it manufactures.The vehicles from Japan are user friendly and most of them fit avery corner of the world.Japanese vehicles are durable and classic.Their spare parts are easily found and that most of the vehicles are most of the times in good conditions.For this, i tell you that a car from Japan will make a great impact in my life.

I need a car that iis fashionable,classic and comfortable.A car of such qualities can only be found here.Japanese cars have all spare parts making life easier for us.
If you actually decide to pick me as a winner, you should be assured that you have a stable market for yourself. In Malawi, we do not manufacturer cars. Almost all our cars are imported from Japan.We have of course the Toyota Malawi company here that sells new cars but mostly to companies and organizations. Their prices are so high that the majority of us Malawians cannot afford to buy. The demand for good and affordable cars is growing by day in my country. Everyday in our daily papers we see thousands of people selling cars, most of them old cars but people still buy them because they lack a stable company to give them affordable better cars. Now imagine if I win this competition and all my friends including my employers see this new car from you, they will surely ask more about it and that will automatically put you on the market. You will then receive many customers as a result of the win. This is reason why I would like to ask that you seriously consider me as a winner. My government will see this as a great motivation and may soon begin to find out more about your company for more orders. My winning will go on Malawi Television and this will mean widespread marketing for your products. Government being the largest employer, you should expect great more people enquiring and even making orders about your vehicles. Soon you will be overwhelmed with demand for your vehicles.

If you check with Be forward for example if they are honest with you, they will tell you that they have taken over Malawian market. They have so many orders from Malawi to the extent that they even went ahead to open a new office in our Capital Lilongwe just to make sure that they are closer to the customers. They have even gone a step further to sponsor football to one of our famous club Wanderers football club. You can also go on and overtake them .One of the best ways to do this is through your completion and more especially if you make me win. So pick me please!

We have been frustrated at times with Be forward cars because of their delays to ship your vehicle to the nearest port, sometimes taking up to 3 months. Worse still, they exchange your chosen car with another totally different car which usually is not good. This has frustrated many people and if only you can capitalize on this ,your company will capture many customers.

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