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Chikumbutso Ralph Chikonde from Malawi message

Chikumbutso Ralph Chikonde from Malawi message
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Dear CarfromJapan

Thanks for allowing me to participate in this competition,

For many reasons but not limited to,i believe am the right person to win this competition simply because;

  1. I have alot of freinds both on social media and on the ground who by the veture of you choosing me will help your brand grow rapidly especially in Africa.

  2. Being someone who previously won an award with my employers(Standard Bank Group-Fraud stop winner 2013-us$100,000.00),i consider myself someone famous within the BANK and even outside the Bank because my story is well known wherever StandardBank group have branches hence makes me agood ambassador for your brand

3.since am a working class individual within the Banking industry,the chances are very high that i can help you have alot of customers within the banking industry aswell as the bussiness sector because i already interact with potential clients who can be inspired by my story.

4.Being someone from Africa,am sure its no secret that africa is one of the booming markets when it comes to used vehicles from Japan as Africans believe or trust in Japanese Branded vehicles.

5.if you choose me,potentials clients will be inspired by your organisation in such away that they will look at you as a company which is reaching out to people in one way or the other because as am writting am someone who reach out to the less priviledged in our rular areas hence this vehicle will also help me in easing mobility hence the potential client will feel that your organisation is already giving back to the local comunity hence will be very confortable to be associated with your brand.

6.The cars from Japan are very reliable,trust worthy,fairly used,easy to maintain(cost effective),aswell as very cheap to purchase.

7.ihave had a chance to purchase vehicles from Japan and ihave never been disappointed and i can use that as a guarantee to the potential client to back the brand.

with the few reasons above,am very positive that iam the right candidate to win this competition

Hoping to hearing from you soon


CHIKU Ralph Chikonde

“The likely winner”

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