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Chiku JUMANNE Mhando from Tanzania message

Chiku JUMANNE Mhando from Tanzania message
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Japanese used car are always in better condition dependable and good fuel economy, they are all in normal price one can get it even in £ 500. They can suit the pasonality of the owner, example if the buyer like music,sports etc she/ he can get in the car from Japan. I hope you won’t regret to pick me as a winner of this competition because getting a car from Japan will make me to be a good ambassador of the car from Japan not only in my country but in East Africa, Africa and in the whole world , Showing the goodness of the cars from Japan, so that make people purchase more and more car from Japan. It will help me also in the movement of my day today activities
My motto will be. Don’t say car say car from Japan and don’t purchase car purchase car from Japan.
With thanks
Yours Chiku Jumanne Mhando

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