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chifundo angela mtambos from Mozambique message


First of all, i would say that i have always appreciated cars from cars from japan and i always check your cars. So winning a car from japanese used cars would be a dream come true to me .I have some colleagues and friends who bought cars from cars from japan and really, i appreciated the cars, they look amazingly new, i wouldn’t believe they were once used, I appreciated a lot.
If i happen to win the car I will, with my prize, tell everybody I know about car from Japan, it will be a serve as an advertisement and am sure many of the people i will tell this, will buy cars from car from japan. After many people will know about Japanese used car from me as a winner of this competition, they will tell others and so on and so forth. To sum this point up, I would say I would serve as an advertisement for the company Japanese used cars.
Being a teacher, I am well known by many people. Most of them being my ex students or my students, so the news that I have won,mmmh am already dreaming of driving the car, ha ha ha, this news would spread quickly, and spreading the name of the company car from Japan in turn, bringing more customers to Japanese used cars.

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