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Chawanangwa Banda from Malawi message

Chawanangwa Banda from Malawi message
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First I must say Japanese are known world wide for producing durable machines and cars are no exception. First let share my experience as regards motor bikes. my employers gave me one bike from japan later they bought others from somewhere which they thought were bigger. They called us to go and exchange. upon seeing the brand I decided to keep mine while most of my friends went for them. That was eight years ago. Within a month my friends bikes had most of the parts fallen off but mine is intact until today without much problems.

Our office had also recieved car donations from other quarters which are out of the road while I see one from Japan still on the road.

Cars from Japan the best world over. They are durable, cost effective, and easy to run in terms of fuel consumption and maintenance. I would therefore not hesitate to recommend individuals, firms and companies to consider buying cars from Japan.

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