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charmaine omar from Zimbabwe message


Why you should pick me is because i currently have no car an have been trying so hard to save up money to buy one from many places even from Japanese Used Car but everytime something comes up like doctor blls hospital bills. I have even concluded that i will never own a vehicle as the prices are unreachable and looking at my net salary and basic expenses its almost impossible. I would be absolutey grateful and happy at the same time if i won a car from Car From Japan.
My opinion of Car From Japan well having such a promotion to start off with is great reason being it gives people who cannot afford any type of vehicle a chance to own their own, and what pleasue i am sure that gives you guys to know you have rewarded someone with a dire need for a vehicle with one. Keep up the fantastic work.

I am sure you can see my desparate attempt to atleast try and win this car, i actually wish there was other ways to share this to increase my chances as i have now exhausted all sharing points. Nonetheless i will reshare to the same places i have before and hope it brings me that much closer to winning a car. It would mean so much to me you have no idea, i had lost faith in ever owning a vahicle of my own and then this came up and brought that hope back.

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