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Celestine Sims from Kenya message

Celestine Sims from Kenya message
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Winning a Car From Japan? Of course it is very possible! I told my younger sister who once got a scholarship to study Japanese in Japan that I would join the competition and her response- それは冗談ではありません 日本人は正直人です!(it is not a joke, Japanese are honest people!). She reassured me that this is not a hoax.
90% of my friends own very strong and posh Japanese used cars of different makes. From 2WD to 4WD,automatic to manual transmission, convertible to machinery. It’s unfortunate I don’t own one myself (for now) but I believe in the stars…my dreams are celestial and always come true.
My biggest headache is commuting in public vehicles (again 95% being Japanese used cars) with my autistic daughter: It is difficult with her tantrums and fear of congested places, she has the usual social and communication problems that come with autism. If I get to win a car from Japan, it will be a big burden lifted off my shoulders. I will afford to drive her to therapy and recreational places with much more ease and comfort. I’m actually planning to enroll to a driving school this coming month of July so my skills are as fresh as the car I will win! I just want a car from Japan; used or not; it must be from Japan. I trust Japanese products.
I can also comfortably drive to my village; whose terrain is rough and rugged to visit my now ailing grandmother and take her some shopping and medicines. I’ll even take her for a ride! She is an adorable old woman…and in fact it will be a big surprise because I will be her first grand child to own a car: Not just any car but a car from Japan!
I would like to tour around my home town and identify families with autistic children and learn how their parents are nursing the affected kids and how they cope with the condition. I have skills in managing autism and would love to share with them and demystify the condition. It is difficult to partake in this task without my own means of transport. I just need a Japanese used car for this purpose. I don’t need a fuel guzzler, I only want a car from Japan that can take me places into the interior countryside to help and enlighten these families. I will also be able to carry a therapist with me to this homes to attend to the affected children. This will save us time, enable us a flexible schedule and save transport costs. Traveling from place to place in my little home town and village is difficult and expensive. Most areas have only one public transport vehicle that leaves at particular times of the day and missing it means not traveling until the following day!
The beautiful thing about cars from Japan is that they are durable,cost effective, variety brands and affordable to buyers. The Kenya car Bazaar has very beautiful Japanese used cars.The machines are breathtaking! Sad, I only admire and wish upon a star that someday I’ll own one of my own. I have a strong feeling that this could be my time. Make it possible…
Again, my first priority is transport my autistic daughter to places with ease; her maintenance is so expensive I cannot afford to buy a car for now. It may take me years of saving to acquire Japanese used car and yet she is growing older and more difficult to carry to public vehicles. Sometimes the stigma is overwhelming when passengers refuse to sit next to us or drivers decline to pick us from bus stops.
Don’t pick me as the winner out of pity; do it out of compassion. The car will take me places to serve similar families going through what I am currently experiencing. I want a car from Japan because I know its benefits and I’ll work hard to maintain it in the best condition possible.
Last but not least, I can’t wait to be a representative of your brand! Do you know what an exciting opportunity this will be for me to put my talent into use? I am a young, beautiful, athletic and intelligent woman who can represent your sponsors and brand with pride!

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