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cecilia chafumuka from Malawi message

cecilia chafumuka from Malawi message
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Am impressed with your Japanese cars for the past three year i have been checking your cars on you website but because i don’t have enough money to buy one i think this is my opportunity to win one. Your prices are cheap compared with other car dealers and you have good and original make (car).

I love your Japanese used cars and i will help you to sponsor/ advertise here in Malawi whether i will loss or win i will continue talking about your cars. Although it is called used cars when it comes here it looks brand new car nobody recognize it as used car.

It will determine on how points,sharing to different social networks and how my friends are entering this campaign through my link that will make me to win this campaign. I will be happy and thank to God for giving a chance of winning the car of may dreams also thanks will go to car from Japan Co.,Ltd for giving this competition to us as the world and to advertise themselves using this competition.
‘Car From Japan was founded with the ultimate goal of “Enriching Lives” by connecting people and facilitating trades. We believe that we can truly enrich lives by listening to customers, being constructive & continuously bringing changes in what we do.’ I love this founding spirit keep the fire burning for listening to your customers that is good spirit you follow.

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