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Carlson L Mutajwaa from Tanzania message

Carlson L Mutajwaa from Tanzania message
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Hi Car From Japan!

I am excited to be able to write to you finally!

I real am convinced that I am the Ideal winner of your grand prize. I am an energetic young African business leader with so much passion in international business and I love cars, especially cars from Japan. They are good, durable and most important affordable. It is easy to find spare parts and our technical experts can do them well in service session.

I real would like to say, I feel proud to be part of this competition where I have been given privilege to advertise your products(cars). I believe with the network I have from my school mates, colleagues to fellow church members, you should expect many new and potential buyers of your cars coming from Tanzania and across the globe, need I say more, I think I will be even more proud to become your official ambassador. I mean using the car you are going to award me to continue promoting your cars.

I would say Tanzania is a good market place for your cars,like this is what is going on in our country now, everyone wants to buy their own car, some it is for business and some it is just for show off, but who cares?? The issue is everyone wants their own car, with the situation like tthis you have a great deal of increasing your sales and beat your competitors Be Forward, I hope you know about them. You can take off the market..why not???!!!!!!!!!!

So why not now, you can choose to use people like me to penetrate into our ever growing market for your ever increasing sales and hence profit. I believe it is possible. I am saying this because I see it to myself,that I have persuasion flair, I am educated, presentable, have skills in marketing and can travel across the country,I am all that you can need for promotion of your cars.

I should not brag too much about myself, I guess, you already know what I meant. But will be grateful and excited to have this car, it means a lot to me and I am doing everything I can to make sure I am getting your grand prize.

As I look forward into receiving my gift car, I would like to know your future plans about East African Market and the possibilities of me being part of that advancement plan.

I would like to sincerely thank you and wish you the best of luck as we are heading to the last moment of the competition.

Viva car from Japan, viva!!!!!!

Carlson Mutajwaa.

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