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Calixtus Patrick Etokudo from Malawi message

Calixtus Patrick Etokudo from Malawi message
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To begin with, I am addicted to Japanese cars. Your car models and ranges are exceptional and unbeatable the world over. Your state-of-the-art technology is fascinating. However, I have never been able to buy a car from your company although I have always been wishing to do so due to lack of money. I come from a very poor background, so my chances of being able to make my dream come true are very slim. Despite this limitation, I know through this Giveaway campaign,I stand a chance to be chosen. Obviously, it will be a wonderful advertising campaign for the African market – raising someone from poverty to wealth! The market may be saturated in Europe or America, but here in Africa, particularly Malawi, the market for automobile is still very large. Driving this car in Malawi will be a promotion for your products.
There are many others who would like to win, but I have the confidence that God will favor me and you will choose me. I believe in God and in the fact that through his blessings, I will be chosen. No one person can say that he or she deserves the car more than all others, but it will only be sheer luck. However, because I really need this car, I will do all I can to accumulate as many points as possible to enable me to win. Apart from the fact that I work in a private school as a teacher, I am also involved in non-governmental organization where I go into the rural areas to reach the vulnerable people; I know that the car will help me to do this properly. Car From Japan offers a great opportunity to a vast number of people who would otherwise not have any chance to afford a car. The cars from Japan are very affordable compared to cars from the other parts of the world.
Most people from the Third World countries would be without cars if not for the Japanese used cars. The cars are of different varieties which gives the consumers a wide range of choices. It is a one-in-a lifetime opportunity to change our social status.
It goes without saying that the more efficient and safe cars in the world based on statistics come from Japan. Also, many cars from Japan are specially designed for the undulating African roads. Many car manufacturers from other countries do not take this into consideration.
My intention if I win this competition, is to be your representative here in Malawi and in this part of Africa. I will advertise you here in Malawi and will even become your agent here in Malawi if you will allow me. It will be my pleasure to go round talking to people about your establishment. I am very optimistic that your Chief Marketing Officer will like someone to do that here in Africa, and I want to be that person. I am so excited to be part of this competition. It makes me feel that I am doing something to contribute to your campaign.
When I decided to join this competition, I had an intuition that once I participate, I was going to be favored and I am convinced within me that you are going to choose me. Needless to try to pamper you about your cars, the fact is that having such an opportunity will change somebody’s situation, and nobody will want to be left out of this golden opportunity. So me too, I want to have this chance not only to participate but also to win. I want to see myself becoming part of this outstanding organization. I am a teacher of Economics and Business Studies in the private school where I work and I can use my Economics and Business skills to market your company for you.
Knowing that Japanese cars are the most commonly used cars in Africa gives me the extra confidence that I would be chosen to continue to promote Japanese cars here in Africa. In Europe, most people buy Japanese cars as an article of ostentation to show that they are special. Here in Africa, Japanese cars are bought because they are durable, standardized and compatible with our roads. This is more the reason an African like me should be chosen to spearhead this campaign in Africa where buying Japanese cars is not a way of showing off, but a necessity because we do not have close substitute cars which are as affordable and durable as Japanese cars. Japanese cars are economical and convenient, so a poor continent like Africa needs these cars.
Considering the fact that Africa is a virgin market for your company to continue to tap from, I should be chosen without delay to represent you. I see your car sales sky-rocketing once you choose me because I am prepared to go all the way to market you here in Malawi. Malawi being strategically located in the heart of Africa, means that it is a gateway to other Southern African countries. I will represent you in this part of Africa where I can drive across the countries, and even go beyond to other parts of Africa to sell the company to prospective buyers. I am ready to do anything to make sure that your company excels here in Africa. My own intention once I am chosen is to participate in international campaign to maintain your popularity here.
My emphasis is on the fact that I want to be given this unique chance to represent Car From Japan in Africa. I want to use my marketing skills to make Car From Japan the leading car dealer in Africa. It is my selfless passion to be part of making your company the most famous and popular car dealer in this continent.
I also work in an NGO which assists poor and vulnerable people, so this car will help me to reach out to hundreds of people who live in the remote parts of Malawi.

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