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Bishop Mike Basil Mtweve from Tanzania message

Bishop Mike Basil Mtweve from Tanzania message
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Dear Hana Yurimoto,
I am interested to work on this competition until I win the first prize,my personal desire from the two questions above is this,the major reason you should pick me as the winner is because we need transportation to help our ministry work which we are involved to serve the majority and marginalized community in rural villages where transport is hard and very difficult in fulfilling our ministry work in reaching the poor women and children.Second,it is a matter of not thinking about Car from Japan,but in reality they are at the best make,durability,and stable in tough situations like in muddy,rough,slippery and mountainous roads they strongly withstand and make journey safe and reliable although they are Japanese Used Cars but in our environment they look and work as new vehicles.I recommend this because I usually travel with these cars everywhere in my country such as TOYOTA,NISSAN are the most popular cars, although my experience is not by driving but as a passengers,I know them well and appreciate having these cars rather than any make.
Important is that Cars from Japan,their running cost seem to be cheap and the most economic cars,spare parts are available everywhere,therefore these cars are easily serviceable.
Thank you and God bless
Bishop Mike Basil Mtweve
Tanzania,East Africa.

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