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Billy Mukwikwi from Malawi message

Billy Mukwikwi from Malawi message
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Billy Mukwikwi is a man from Africa and Malawi in particular termed the warm heart of Africa.I have been driving cars from Japan especially in the category of used cars.I have never been disappointed in buying used cars.It goes without a say that second hand cars from Japan are always in good condition.
If am picked as awinner I will make to market extensively Japanes used cars to those who are always in doudts with second hand cars from Japan. Malawi as a country has just embraced the buying of cars on-line. Very few individuals have the financial muscle to buy brand new cars from specified car dealers. in other words the prices which these car dealers have pegged their vehicles are very prohibitive for an ordinary person.These cars are afforded by International Non Governmental Organizations,big companies and the government whose source of funding is maily from donors.
I have supported quite a number of people ranging from churches to individuals in purchasing second hand cars from Japan which have proved to be affordable.Using this car will help spreading the word of God near and far.Other school gong children lacking school fees support will be rescued as the vehicle will be used for hiring and generate some substancial amount of funds to support the desrving needy. Picking Billy as winner will benefit both the Japanese used car company and the local masses on the ground that require support.The company will be well positioned in terms of advertisement and patronage.The local masses will be in a position to get the required support especially the needy.
In conclusion, Billy should the win the car to create a plat form in Malawi where many people will have enough information regarding second hand cars particularly from Japan where customer care is always emphasized for satisfaction.

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