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Biggi Sajiwa from Malawi message

Biggi Sajiwa from Malawi message
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Why Adds value to Life:
I have been following up and got rides from cars that have been imported into Malawi, with varying degrees of satisfaction. However, I got the best ride when I was offered a lift from a car which the owner said he imported from The inside was clean and comfortable, the engine strong and efficient, the controls and dashboard plus windscreen were squeaky clean, and the outside was just beautiful. The one driving said the it was sheer joy to drive it, delighting her at every turn. The fuel consumption was very good.
It took her under three months from the time she placed an order on the internet to the time she was driving it on the Malawi roads. It normally takes about six months when one order a motor vehicle from other dealers outside – even those from Japan.

Being a person who has never owned a personal car, I deserve to have one from so that I should get real value. Since I interact with the people all over the country in my job, I will be a true representative of the brand. Not many people access the internet in this country, so it is very difficult or even impossible for them to access the website without being told.
My social circle is also very wide – being a leader at the second biggest denomination in the country, I am able to influence members and even the youth across the religious divide. I am also a very avid soccer fan, the most loved sport in this country without argument. Local soccer matches draw huge crowds of various economic status. A good number come by cars, others by public transport. It will be very effective and easy for me to market this brand. people will be able to compare for themselves as seeing is believing. I am in the information and communication technology industry, so it will be easy for me to tell people how to check your current stocks.
If you pick on me, you will not only add life value to me, but to many Malawians I will be able to physically reach, and may be in the process add value to life, too!

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