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Betarik abebe from Ethiopia message


Two things always come to my mind when I think of japan. my old man car from japan and our sharp radio both from JAPAN where strength and durability comes from I have done some nasty things to these products but they still serve me everyday watching me grow old. I have grown with this two listening their engine roar and melodies. and I can definitely say what an awesome brands trust worthy. You should pick me because I am some one who knows and trust your products and even if I cant afford to have one for my self… you have actually created an opportunity to give back to the community when every one is just about making a profit out of everything I as a participant who can’t afford can HAVE WHAT HE HAVE DREAMED ABOUT. by just participating… Thanks CAR FROM JAPAN for this opportunity and we the fans always wish you an awesome innovation for the coming year to better server your loyal customers all over the world.

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