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Bernard Kimani from Kenya message


Japanese used car! Car from Japan! Hi there, guys. My name is Bernard Kimani from Kenya. I entered this competition with the aim of winning a car. I really need a car because I recently graduated from university and looking for a job is hard because of transport issues in my country. With this promotion, I hope to win a car among the other prizes to help me get a job to support my family. I will also use this promotion to create awareness of your company in Kenya where the market potential for Japanese used cars is high. I will try my beat to expose your brand name in Kenya so that as I promote your competition, people will become aware of the business you are offering and thus enabling you to penetrate into the Kenyan vehicular sales market. In regards to Cars From Japan, I think that the company is doing a great job in supplying quality and affordable cars for the masses. This is integral in enhancing the development of many world economies as well as making the lives of your customers that much better, as you offer them value for their money. All in all, I hope my efforts shall be appreciated till the end of the competition.
Best regards.

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