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Bernadette Kalelamayuni from Malawi message

Bernadette Kalelamayuni from Malawi message
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Car from Japan competetion is a very good move because nowadays with the growth in technology alot of people are on facebook,twitter and google+and this is why i have come across this competetion of winning a car from japan.As it is these days one needs to have at least a car to make life easy and the cars that are affordable, durable and easy to repair are from Japan co.Ltd.Am eligible to win this car because all my life i have been wanted to have a car not from any other company but only Japan co. Ltd, not only this reason but also that cars from Japan are of good quality,and the accessories that are found in cars from japan are the ones that every person with a car would want to have in his/her car.

Another reason that i feel am eligible to win this car is that i know how cars from Japan operate,because i have once used the car from Japan and the experience that i had was so good that i would want to only have a car from Japan co. Ltd.Talking about spare parts that’s not a big issue with cars from Japan because the parts are easy to find,affordable and durable.There are a lot of reasons why i see that am an eligible winner for these cars,another reason is that; being the sales representative of a certain company in Malawi I know what it takes for something to sell like hot cakes,if i win a car from Japan i will use it as a tool to promote cars from Japan because i will use the car to motivate other people who want to buy a car that they must buy from Japan co.Ltd if they want to have a good experience with the cars.

Long lasting is another reason.this is so because if i am buying anything that i want to use as my property i go for things that will last long and for cars it is only cars from Japan that have this characteristic,so with this I am eligible to win a car from Japan

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