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Benjamin Aluoch Onyango from Kenya message

Benjamin Aluoch Onyango from Kenya message
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Dear Madam Hana,
Just as you are glad to have me in this wonderful competition, I am also glad and at the same time proud to have joined the competition and at most to associate with you guys in ensuring that your mission of achieving the best customer service in the world is achieved and cars from JAPAN get a wider market range all over the world. It indeed gives me pleasure to speak of these wonderful products from JAPAN. Here in Kenya cars from Japan not only forms the largest portion of automobiles but also known for their durability.
In my life, since I was young at an age about 5 years I enjoyed playing around with toy cars. I remember a time when my dad bought me one ‘toyota hilux’ pick up, I used to boast of it. Playing with the car made develop interest in owning one. After a couple of years in my studies I found myself developing interest in studying Geography in my secondary school education. One topic that I enjoyed most in this subject was INDUSTRIALIZATION where I came to learn of the car manufacturing areas in Japan, the types of cars produced in Japan, their qualities and much more. These studies revived my passion of owning such cars. As at now I,m persuing my first degree, B.Sc Medical Laboratory Science at Kenyatta University and I’m also doing my part time studies in Business and Marketing Management because I have passion for the same. In my view I see the latter as more relevant as far as your firm is concerned because it equips one with the basic knowledge that is required in the business world. I here by request you to pick me as your lucky winner of the competition since I believe I’m in the gain of the vast necessary knowledge of marketing your products.
Picking me as a winner will not only benefit me as an individual but will boost your firm and its products at large. Having a names of lucky winners hitting the news headlines both locally and internationally will mean a lot in expanding the market for the Japanese used cars which have gained a lot of popularity due to their high qualities. The Japanese used cars are believed to even be more expensive than the new ones for old is gold. This ensures that they get ready market especially in our country Kenya.
As I come to the grand finale of my message, it is my wish that I be one of your lucky winners since I believe I am most suitable for it. Why should I say so? This is because just as your company is working hard to bring the best customer service in the world, I am also a hardworking gentle man who is more willing and is ready to be a true and committed representative for your sponsors and your brand. THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY!

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