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Belmont from South Africa message

Belmont from South Africa message
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Firstly, you have a brilliant advertising strategy. It looks very unique and genuine compared to other advertising messages I have received. Coming to the Car From Japan, as a Zimbabwean citizen, I only learnt my driving using a Japanese used car in my late teens. My first transport business was with a Nissan Caravan 2,7 diesel, very economical and strong engine together with comfortable power steering. It was manageable to maintain even if our roads where not the best. The Japanese used cars are affordable to an ordinary average individual.

In our tradition, we pay lobola( bride price) and drive to some remote areas in Zimbabwe where there is hardly any proper road. We drove a Car from Japan to those remote areas.

I have recommended my family members to buy Japanese used cars as they are durable and affordable.

Japanese used car all the way!!!!!!!!

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