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Azarias salvador zunguze from Mozambique message

Azarias salvador zunguze from Mozambique message
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first thank the opportunity granted by car from japan company to win a car, and to show what I can really do in order to spread your brand. say it is a great pleasure for me to be part of this campaign in order to get to know your services and opportunities for most of the world does not always have the opportunity to win a car so I will give my maximum to be the winner as a young always wanted a car,but money that is good never had I think I deserve that chance because the car for me would be more aid since the night of study and facilitate my life.
About the company is welcome the opportunity to give millions of people living in countries with low savings as my Mozambique to buy Japanese used car,but have a car nowadays is easy thanks to your hard work, the car from japan is like a child born in the desert and always had the dream to know the sea and I will now take part of that mission abroad. mind on business !!! big hug.

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