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AZALIA SANGA from Tanzania message

AZALIA SANGA from Tanzania message
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I am very potential to advertising your Company since up to now I have invited more than 200 of my friends to just play this. Far from playing some had no ideas on your company but through my invitation they are well familiar.
Winning the car from you will have just increased your Company familiarity to Tanzania and other places.
I hope to write all over the car your Company name…. Actually I supposed to be a Winner for your company benefits as I believe that your sale volume will increase through my advertisement with the Car Gift I hope to win from you.
It is my vision to be a car dealer after sometime when my financial status going be stable…that is the dream of mine and hope to fulfill it with Car from Japan. I mean your Company.
I am now waiting for the Gift to represent your company in Tanzania.
Thank you Much
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