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Audrey Masuku from Zimbabwe message

Audrey Masuku from Zimbabwe message
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I registered with ‘ Car From Japan’ about 3 years ago when my cousin had a successful experience with you in buying his car. The quick and friendly service you gave him was amazing and the picture we saw was the same car he got, unlike others where they put a nice picture but ship you something different. I personally haven’t got to saving enough money to purchase my own car from you but it is my wish and dream to do business with you soon. What I think about Car From Japan is that its a very good idea which caters for developing countries as not everyone can afford to buy a brand new car, and the service is fast and transparent. ‘Japanese used car’ are second hand cars but every time I see a car purchased from you, it looks very new. although I have not yet been able to purchase a car from you, I think you should pick me as a winner because I am looking into venturing into buying and selling of cars, so that will be my first car that I sell and with the profits I will be able to buy two cars and my business will expand from there. thank you very much for the opportunity to enter this competition.

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