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Audrey C from Kenya message

Audrey C from Kenya message
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Hello Hana,
Today as I celebrate my birthday I just asked God to bless me with a Car from Japan and I remembered that I had entered into a competition to win a Free Car From Japan and I told myself why not write something new today the 7th May 2015 about Cars From Japan.
My son yesterday asked me when am getting myself a new car and stop sharing a car with his daddy……………… Then I thought about the Japanese used Cars and I said I hope I will be one of the winners in the on going competition of the Cars From Japan.
You should pick me as a winner in the on going competition since I feel from my heart that it will be the first FREE GIFT I Have ever received in the longest time ever. This if picked will make me the proudest and happiest person to own a Car From Japan and yes will announce and tell every person possible about the lovely Cars From Japan.
If picked to be the proud winner of the on going competition, I promise to be an ambassador if not the representative for your sponsors and your brands of the Cars from Japan whether the new ones or the Japanese used Cars.
My thinking of the cars from Japan is that they are reliable, easy to manage and yes the Spare parts are readily available thus making Cars From Japan the better if not the best choice for anyone who has a High income or a Low income. You can choose from the most expensive cars in the market and the latest fashion and to the most lowest affordable car in the market with the best qualities which could have coasted one a lot more to buy the same care from another countries and dealers.
In Kenya most people drive the Cars from Japan making japan the easiest word to pronounce in my country because of the best cars they manufacture.
Hope this makes me the best candidate for this competition.

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