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ATANAS NDUNGURU from Tanzania message

ATANAS NDUNGURU from Tanzania message
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I am Atanas Ndunguru from Tanzania, I write to defend why should your company pick me as a Winner. I have the following reasons:-

Firstly, I am from developing country where cars are not made, therefore they depend on shipping cars from foreign country, picking me as a winner will enable your company to advertise the cars through I as a winner.

Secondly, Being picked as a winner I will become as an agent or someone to direct people where I got a car that you would have given me, I believe people will be asking me about a car that will be owned believing that your company make quality cars not otherwise.

Thirdly, Being picked as a winner, I will become interested with your company for 100% therefore at any time I wish to buy a car, I will consult you for you service.

Fourthly, Being picked as a winner from developing country, it is a proud of developing country.

Fifthly, My contribution made your company to spread the information on your company, forces you to pick me as a winner.

Finally, I wish you all the best in the selection of the winner, stand on right.

Yours faithful
Atanas Ndunguru

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