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Arthur chitseko from Malawi message

Arthur chitseko from Malawi message
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Thank you very much Hana i guess this is now my time to make it to the top especially with this competition of winning a Japanese used car because i have a feeling that am going to be the luckiest dude on planet earth winning this fantastic prize and i promise you that i wont stop sending you messages till you cant take it any more so lets go vruuuuuuuuuum!!!! cruising to the last lap in a Japanese used car whether bmw or not but still car from Japan is not a joke with tires fit you can cruise up to 180 kilometers per hour or more than that now before my grand dad passed he used to drive a Japanese used car and also used to tell me that cars from Japan are always the best so if you grow up and want to bay yourself a car dont waist time to look for cars from other countries you should bay a car from Japan. because that a Japanese used car will not disappoint you interms of fuel consumption plus spares as you aware that Japanese used cars are everywhere these days and you can not go 10 minutes without seen somebody smiling whilst driving a good looking car from why should you pick me as a winner? tell you this is very simple because i have a very good plan for these Japanese used cars first of all if i win this race,i would rather call it race than competition, you know its like we are racing with Japanese used cars kkkkk!! anyway am going to travel with it for a road taste from nsanje to chitipa which is the hall of malawi to prove to the people of malawi and other countries that cars from Japan are always the best cars to make a journey with.i have hopes that after winning this car,i am going to open up a show room where by i will be telling people the goodness of having cars from Japan and apart from that i will be fixing, pimping and helping them to order cars from Japan, not only that, i will be also helping you Hana to advertise these Japanese used cars in way that people will not fail to buy cars from Japan.people here will be very much fascinated and will be eager to have cars from Japan because of me so do not doubt me if you want to reach out and touch many lives with these Japanese used common vruuuuuuuum thats a sound of a Japanese used car coming to malawi Just for me .

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