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Armine Mamyan from Armenia message

Armine Mamyan from Armenia message
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Hello. My name is Armine. I am from Armenia, city Yerevan. I am 29 years old. I have 2 professiona: the first teacher and the second accountant.
Now I work as an accountant, but still I consider other people’s free money, because I do not have big salaries.
Yes, you will be surprised, but I did not even have a car but the dream has long been to have my car and I hope that your competition is only one option is to have your car.
I am ready not to sleep at night, I am ready to even bother all your friends and tell them as competition, invite them to help me win a car.
I am glad that there is a company like you, who can give everyone the opportunity and from each country to participate in this competition have become happiness
and even I, who lives in the country of which you may not know.
Our country is small and there is little chance to become rich and accumulate free money for cars and it is I need him.
so hard to have time to work, home, buy a house for food, medicine for the mother, she was a little sick and can not often take a long-distance bus to and I just dreamed of having my car and I’ll do whatever it was I would have won Grand Prize is valued at $5000 USD
You have no idea how I’ll be glad to this event
Please make me the happiest man on earth, on the smallest country in the world in Armenia
All my homeland will be surprised

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