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Archil from Georgia message

Archil from Georgia message
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My Dear “CAR FROM JAPAN” !!!
Every day, when I have a chance, I am visiting your website, enjoying traveling in the World of Japanese Used Cars end doing virtual (unfortunately only virtual) shopping. Nowadays I have the BMW 318 ti 1994. I bought it 7 years ago, and for this time it was suitable for my family – I, my wife and 2 small children. My children are growing-up and our old, two door car is not so comfortable for us, as we wanted. We like travelling and every season on the weekends we are visiting different sites of our very attractive and exotic country.
Dear CAR FROM JAPAN, please be kind and give us chance to continue our adventures with your help by comparable new and comfortable (I am fan of Japanese standards, that means, Tradition + Quality + Modern +…) Japanese used car, advertising your smart, very popular and well-known company, with banner on my car – CAR FROM JAPAN !!! (and, also, of course, banners of your partners and sponsors)….
It is one humble argument or example from mass, a large amount of reasons to answer your question “Why should we pick you as the winner?”.

With the Best Regards,
Sincerely Yours,

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