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Aramayis Grigoryan from Armenia message

Aramayis Grigoryan from Armenia message
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I am a PhD student from Armenia. My family is not a big one: I have father, mother and a sister. If I am chosen as a winner of this competition, I would like to gift the won car to my father. He is an awesome person, he is always inspiring me to move forward, encouraging me to take new challenges. His favorite hobby is counrtyside activities (like camping, fishing etc.). But unfortunately the passing years make it more difficult to get out of the city. He needs a car. I have a small job, and he is working too, however, it is quite expensive to buy a car from Armenia, that is why i have decided to take part in this competition. I know, it will be hard and almost impossible to be in the list of the winner, but anyway, as my father used to tell me, never say never and do your best. Don’t think about loss, bother about lost opportunities.
As regards the company Car From Japan, I have heard about it quite much, even in such a far stat, Armenia. I know that this company organizes many competition for different people all around the world. And moreover, it offers very cheap cars from japan, in very good conditions and with very good price. If i don’t win this competition, I hope I can gather enough money to buy a good car from this company in near future.
Best regards
Aramayis Grigoryan

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