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Anxious Dave from Zimbabwe message

Anxious Dave from Zimbabwe message
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Me as a winner is of my dream old model BMW car means a pride not only for me but for all the people who knows me as am a person with high social ground. meaning also greater marketing windows for this great emerging company. As a token of appreciation will be having a visible sticker CARFROMJAPAN. And personally i see my self as a great influence maker as a well respected mechatronic enginer working on many know automotive projects with my colleagues .So if i advice quality it will be quality and as i see from the stocks of CARFROMJAPAN the cars are well in good conditions compared to many other known companies.Also the fact of me coming from a country which is having high rate of imports of Japanese used cars it makes more sense for me to introduces to more other customers in this country. Most of the Zimbabweans wish to buy Japanese used cars as they are found mostly in good condition and at a very cheap prices, but first they dont know the procedures of buying from over seas some of them lack knowledge of internet and some have fears of bogus sites . So making a person like me to win will set one the way of knowledge to those who doesnt know as i am willing to make them learn through stickers and social sites and my own mouth. Also it will provide the legitimacy of this company and its site.
From what i have researched and seen from the Car From Japan company is a company will to deliver quality services to all kind of classes and different countries . For me i will speak for the middle class of developing countries like mine as i have seen them benefiting more from the services of this great company. It has all kind of models of cars and which are well valued depending on the lifespan covered by the car. Nevertheless in general the prices are averagely low compared to other companies. And generally Japanese cars due to their maintenance and the roads qualities over there they are high performance guaranteed irregardless of the mileage.I really see a big future for this company for this company especially in developing countries for now the only thing needed is marketing and well informing people about this great company . I wish to see you make it .

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