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Anush Margaryan from Armenia message

Anush Margaryan from Armenia message
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Why should you pick me as a winner?

Well, because I want to believe in magic and I do believe in it. Because if you get too many negative things happening in a row, you should then have a row of lucky events which will make you believe that life is not just black, it has also whiter shades which are, in reality, full of colours …

I’ve lost and lost last year, and not things, but people, dear to my heart… I had an awful second part of the year, which still makes me grave… And I want to see brighter things happening, the impossible happening now… Enough of sorrow, let’s dream and make dreams come true now, in all possible aspects.

Car is just a car, means of transportation. However, if you cannot afford it for years, winning it can be a real magic happening to you. Being selected among thousands is somewhat impossible, which makes it even more desirable.

Thank you for giving a hope and a dream! I enjoy the process of hoping! Whoever you choose in the end, let that person be happy and have no accidents! Safe roads to all beings, be it air or earth… Or the eternal pathways…

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