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antony tembo from Zimbabwe message

antony tembo from Zimbabwe message
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Dear Hana

Thank you so much for the exciting and informative competition. Your competition has been a wonderful experience for me, just being part of it.

Your Website is user friendly, easy to navigate, and very informative. With this Competition you have shown you are not just selling cars, but you care for the people who will buy the cars, and also those who want to be part of you.

Thank you so much for the polite and warm welcome to the competition. You have always been there on your website to inform and respond to every email concerning the competition, support and any other business. You always find time to interact with us, even with just greeting us. You are an exceptional organisation with great understanding of marketing and appealing to individuals, potential customers or clients. Keep up the good work.

Unlike other promotions or competition by other vehicle suppliers or Japanese used car suppliers – your competition has been so informative, interactive, inspiring and real. You took your time to give advice, direction, and your ability to deliver the best quality product and service. Which in turn has inspired me not to doubt, that l can win one of the vehicles and be a proud car owner.

As a winner in this competition, if l win the car, l will be a first time Car owner, courtesy of & Sponsors. A Dream Come true……….

In Zimbabwe we did not know about, if l win the car l will be a Brand ambassador in my country, representing you and your sponsors.

Please continue the good work, and definitely you will be the car suppliers of choice through out Africa and the world.

You can grow your market by encouraging partnerships and dealerships in Africa, which you can supply vehicles, and even original car spares.

l will be grateful if you avail any other opportunities, business wise, even if l lose the vehicle competition.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity. it has been a great learning curve for me and l hope it will be a turn around for me.

Thank you.



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