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We Malawians (Africans) we are the potential customers of car from japan. the cars from Japan are user friendly,cheap, suits our roads, durable. Your customer care is good, for example you provide the required information at the right time when a customer ask you, you gave a customer the exact car that he ordered for, not changing the tune. You indeed provide services that your competitors cant. Most of your cars are used ones but very smart as if its a anew one and here in africa not many people knew its a second hand car. I feel like I am loyal just because i am driving a new car. people see me as a rich person because of your car.
I think you should choose me to be the winner because I have make many people to know your company thru my campaign of asking them to like your page, as I am writing people knew what car from Japan is. In Africa people didnt know that our company sells cheap cars that are in good condition

Thank you very much for the free car give away, hope this will be a help to other people.

keep it up! We are there for you. your. Your business is our business!

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