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Annie Chingono from Zimbabwe message

Annie Chingono from Zimbabwe message
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Hie Hana

I trully believe that these cars from Japan are very flexible to use. They are designed in such a way that is easy to adapt. Motor spare parts are also exported from Japan which makes it easy when you want to make some necessary repairs on your car. Cars from Japan are found in different makes. That makes it very convinient for purchasers to look for the ones they can afford. All I can say is that the vcars from Japan are smart and simple in statue. They are also designed in such a way that they can detect an error and produces a signal to notify the driver.

I have also noted that they sell both manual and auto driven cars from Japan. Many driving schools here in Zimbabwe import cars from Japan. I was doing my driving lessons early this year and the car i was using was also imported from Japan. The gear levers were very soft for change down purposes. Even the break pads were very sensetive. The response of the break pads is very magnificent. From the information i have gathered, Japanese used cars can be converted from an auto driven car to a manual driven car to suit the needs of the driver and the purposes of the car.

I am much impressed with the range of cars that are being imported from Japan. Their sizes in particular. You can buy a car from Japan that has a size that suites the purpose of your car. I have seen people using small built cars from Japan for taxis and driving school. I have also seen people use Japanese used cars like Tooyota Hiace for commuting passengers from one destination to another. Some use them as school buses or pe-school buses to collect children from their home areas to their schools.

Cars from Japan comes in different colours which are so attractive. Recently I have seen cars from Japan around Zimbabwean’s towns which have a more shiny and colourful look. Used cars from Japan have qualified the unqualified people to own cars as well. In the previous years in the cities of Zimbabwe, you could find a few indivuduals who would own cars. But with the introductiion of the Japanese used cars, most people can enjoy the benefits of owning a car from Japan. Japanese used cars’ introduction has come and received as a privilledge to the nation of Zimbabwe. It is actually a blessing to the nation of Zimbabwe and the world at large. The nation of Zimbabwe has now the need to look into renovating and restructering of roads to enable free sailing of cars and avoid congestion of traffic. This is due to the availability and affordability of the Japanese used cars.

I urgue you to pick me as the winner because I appreciate any make and type of car from Japan. I am willing to enjoy this car from Japan not only on my own but by convertiing it into a more useful vehicle that can also serve in the community as the source of transport. On the other hand i will earn from this car from Japan as it will also provide services to the community. From this car I might earn enough money to purchase another car from Japan. This car from Japan might be the stepping stone for my dream to own transport business here in Zimbabwe in order to edify my life and that of my family.

I really look forward to winning this car from Japan.


Annie Chingono

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