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Angela from Armenia message

Angela from Armenia message
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It happened in my life that I live only with my mother and grandmother. I started making money at 14 years.
And to have the car was a dream for me. But support a family is not so easy. I work hard for 12 hours a day. No time for making money for car.
By this time I had forgotten about my dream and began to live in the hope that one day a miracle will happen. And even the most difficult job in the world could not take away my positive attitude and desire to create.
I write stories, poems, I have my own blog, I write music, I love take a pictures, and I continue to amaze life.
I live in Armenia, and there are never contests like this one I saw on the website of the Car From Japan. It was like a light that can lead me to the cherished dream.
None of my friends and family do not believe that it is possible I will win and get the coveted prize: Japanese Used Car.
But I believe in the dream, and I believe that someday all wishes come true, if you want very much.
In addition to dreams, I really need a car in since, because I work in several places, and get to the place of a job sometimes very difficult. For many others, the car is not a luxury but a means of transportation. But for me the car luxury mean of transportation)))
And besides all this, I want to tell the organizers: this contest is a very cool and attractive, it provides assurance that there is magic, there are companies that do not feel sorry for the prize of such magnitude. And that is important, they thinking not only about the financial side of the business, but also the confidence and joy of their customers.
My mom promised that if a miracle happens and I win it, she will bake very very big cake with strawberries and chocolate, and we will share with anyone who wants to congratulate me. And we can send you a piece of it)) But I dont sure you can share it in your big office.
Lastly, I want to say sorry for my bad English.
I’m sure that language barriers cannot prevent you to feel the warmth and hope that I sent to you in my letter.
Thank you…

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