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Andrew Faria from Malawi message

Andrew Faria from Malawi message
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Dear Hana Yurimoto,
People from Africa especially central Africa where Malawi is, buy almost 99% of their cars from Japan. This is so because cars from Japan are fully serviced before they are shipped to Africa which ends up in Malawi as part of africa. It has been seen that when they are being serviced, the Japan car dealers also considers the type of roads in Africa therefore they do put long lasting spare parts like shock obsorbers, etc. The other important reason why Japanese cars are sold highly in Africa and Malawi to be precise is that the spare parts are not scarce(locally found) and are cheaper as compared to other cars from other countries. Considering the economy of our Region, it is easier to run a Japanese vehicles than other brands from other countries. From the points stated above, the coming of website will assist so many people who are looking for a car dealer from Japan who I believe is user friendly, fast and trustworth in dealing with car sales and delivery. May your company deliver the products to the satisfaction of your customers. People will be interested to know how you are going to deal with the challenge of delayed delivery of your products to the concerned customers since this is the biggest challenge faced by most car dealers from that land? Will you be dealing in both brand new and used cars? Be assured that you’ve customers here in Malawi and I will encourage my friends to visit your website and buy from your organization. This is so because your website has alot of details concerning the cars that are displayed and this is very important information to any car buy especially when you are buying online because other dealers are not giving enough information for a customer to make an informed decission. Once again, bravo!!! CarFromJapan Co., Ltd.

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